January 2022

E5 obtains MASE certification

E5 has just obtained MASE certification, following its audit on 10 December.

We were masked for 3 years from the initial certification!

This result reflects our continued commitment to promoting Health, Safety and the Environment.

March 2021

First internal audit

E5 Consulting had its first internal audit on March 12, according to the MASE standard : 2014.

The assessment is globally satisfactory and leads to the following conclusion :

"The health, safety and environment management system is well in place and defined in a well thought-out and structured manner. It anticipates the certain evolution of the company. Despite the youth of the recently implemented system it is a tool for taking prevention and continuous improvement into account. The elements in place give confidence in the company's ability to progress in risk control in a spirit of continuous improvement."

We would like to thank PreventA and Mr. Caussanel for the quality of the audit that was carried out in our premises.

January 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Saying "yes" to happiness
And say "no" to bad moods,

To say "maybe" to the future,
And say "I'm not forgetting you" to the memories,

Say "I understand" to mistakes,
And say "never again" to value judgments,

Saying "sorry" to grief,
And say "bye bye" to hate,

Saying "thank goodness you're here" to humor,
And say "forever" to love,

E5 Consulting wishes you a beautiful year 2021 filled with hope !

July 2020

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July 2020

E5 Consulting joins MASE

In July, E5 Consulting joined the Association MASE Rhône-Alpes.
The MASE (Manuel d'Amélioration Santé Sécurité Environnement Entreprises) is an HSE management system. The objective of its implementation is the development of the HSE culture, in order to prevent accidents and occupational diseases and to preserve the environment.

The MASE is a reference system organized around 5 axes:
- AXIS 1 - Commitment of the company's management.
- AXIS 2 - Professional skills and qualifications.
- AXIS 3 - Work organization.
- AXIS 4 - Efficiency of the management system.
- AXIS 5 - Continuous improvement.

Compliance with the requirements of this standard allows us to maintain a level of Health, Safety, Environment always constant in our services and to develop the implementation of good practices.
Thus, E5 Consulting continues its approach of continuous improvement and improvement of customer satisfaction.